• About us

    CyclingCircle is a cycling tour company that organizes touristic, recreational and fitness bike rides.

    We also operate a bike shop - The Bike Kitchen Beirut, and manage bike rental stations located in Aammiq, West Bekaa and Bkassine, South of Lebanon.


    Our Mission

    CyclingCircle works to improve urban mobility by bicycle and develop rural cyclo-tourism in Lebanon.


  • Weekly Bike Rides

    We are organizing 1 bike ride for this week!

    Make sure to check each ride's program by scrolling down to the end.


    What should you know before you join the ride?


    1- Booking :

    You can book your place on info@cycling-circle.com or by whatsapp on 03 12 66 75 mentioning:
    - Full name
    - Phone number
    - Number of bicycles needed and the desired size according to your height:
    XS : 1.48 - 1.58m
    S: 1.59 - 1.68m
    M: 1.69 - 1.78m
    L: 1.79 - 1.85m
    XL: 1.86 - 1.90m
    XXL : 1.91 - 1.95m
    2- Road regulations:

    - Wearing a helmet and respecting road signs are mandatory
    - Never bypass on the right of the cyclist in front of you
    - Always keep some distance with the cyclist in front of you, as well as with parked cars on your right hand and sidewalks.
    - Stay alert at road junctions and commit to the cycling marshals' instructions
    - Don't text/talk on the phone while riding.


    3-What to bring for the ride:

    *ID (mandatory)
    *Backpack for your belongings (max weight 2.5kg), along with power bars and water
    *Cycling gloves, sunglasses, windproof
    *Bandana (in case you want to rent from us a helmet)


    *Our rides are covered by Commercial Insurance.


    Thur 22nd - Beirut Night Ride

    Our weekly night ride is an introduction for non-bikers to the cycling world. It is a fun tour that allows you to experience the city's vibes and engage with Beirut's active cycling community.

    Whether you are riding for recreation or fitness, you will be enhancing your basic riding skills and developing your endurance.
    1- Levels:

    /Group-A Medium, 20km
    Track: Gemayze - Mar Mkhael - Corniche El Nahr - Adlie - Furn El Shebak - Badaro - Ras El Nabeh - Sodeco - Monnot - DT - Hamra - Manara - Ain El Mrayse - DT - Gemayze.
    ---Fair pace, short climbs, short brakes.
    ---Ride duration : approx 3h00min

    /Group-B Beginner, 15km:
    Track: Gemayze - Mar Mkhael - Corniche El Nahr - Adlie - Furn El Shebak - Badaro - Ras El Nabeh - Sodeco - Monnot - DT -
    ---Slow pace, minor climbs, fair brakes.
    ---Ride duration : approx 2h00min
    2- Program:

    8:00 p.m. - 8:25 p.m.: Gathering at CycloSport, Gemayze
    8:30p.m. - Departure
    11:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.: End of the ride
    3- Fees:

    Student: 15.000 LBP with bike rental or 5.000 LBP with own bicycle (Student card required)

    Non-students: 20.000 LBP with bike rental or 7.000 LBP with own bicycle.

    Booking is a must on info@cycling-circle.com - Upon booking, kindly mention the group you'd like to join.

    Sun 25th - Ghine - Chouwen Ride

    Join us next Sunday for a easy rural ride in Ftouh Kessrouane villages, packed with breathtaking sceneries and huge mountains. Our ride will be followed by a 3 hours hike in the magical valley of Chouwen.
    + Open for 15 participants
    + Level: easy (+) to medium (-) 17km biking and 3 km medium level hiking
    + Terrain: road biking

    **This is a slow pace fun ride
    **Minimum number of participants required for this ride is 8**
    1- Program:

    7:30 a.m. - Gathering at
    The Bike Kitchen - Beirut
    *Kindly have your breakfast at home as we won't stop on our way

    8:00 a.m. - departure by bus to El Ghine

    9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.: arrival to El Ghine and departure to Chouwen by bike

    11:00 a.m. - Arrival to Chouwen

    11:15 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. -
    //Hiking to Chouwen Lake
    //Lunch break at the lake **bring your own F&B**

    2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    //Hiking back to Chouwen village

    3:45 p.m. - Departure by bus to Beirut

    5:00 p.m. - arrival to Beirut
    2- Who can join the ride?

    + Newbies with a fair endurance level and riding skills (balance, handling, confidence on long decesnts, etc.)

    + Skilled road bikers
    3- Services & fees :

    3.1- Services:

    - Bus transfer Beirut - El Ghine - Beirut
    - Bike transfer Beirut - Chouwen - Beirut
    - Entrance ticket to the reserve
    - Cycling & hiking guides
    - Insurance

    3.2- Fees:

    Own bike: 55.000 LBP
    Rental bike: 75.000 LBP

    **Last minute cancellation will be charged 50% from the initial fee**

    Sat 24th & Sun 25th - Aammiq Spring Ride

    Explore the untraveled roads of Aammiq wetland reserve, packed with picturesque scenery of local farms and gorgeous flat easy trails.
    When: Sat 24th & Sun 25th between 9:00 a.m. & 12:00 p.m.
    + Length: approx 15km
    + Type: offroad
    + Terrain: pebbled, sandy
    + Level: easy (+) to medium (-)

    **Transportation from Beirut to Aammiq is not provided - for those who are coming by car, kindly let us know if you can carpool other participants.

    **Bicycles will be provided on the spot at our bike station in Hoch Aammiq.
    1- Program

    9:00 a.m.: Gathering in Hoch Aammiq
    **Whatsapp us to send you the GPS location

    9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.: Cruising the trails of Aammiq wetland
    **You have the option to have lunch at Tawlet Ammiq (a discount will be provided for bike riders - 38$ instead of 44$)
    3- Who can join the ride?

    + Newbies with a fair endurance level and riding skills (balance, handling, etc.)

    + Skilled mountain bikers
    4- Services & fees :

    30.000 LBP , covering:

    - Guiding
    - Insurance
    - Bicycle/helmet
    - Reserve entrance ticket

    **If you have your own bicycle, 8.000 LBP will be deducted.

  • Private RD/MTB Tours

    Ask for your private bike ride and we will gladly organize it!

    We provide transportation, bicycles/helmets, cycling marshals and insurance, as well as additional services upon request, such as F&B, accomodation, etc.


    **Multiple bike touring days available upon request**

    **Below is a shot of our famous bike tours**

    Beirut by night

    Beirut by day

    Amchit - Chekka

    Batroun - Enfeh

    Beirut - Tripoli

    Jounie - Byblos

    Barouk - Jezzine

    Salima - Zandouqa

    Sofar - Aley

    Qob Elias - Qaraoun

    Faqra - Baskinta

    Tannourine - Douma

    El Ghine - Chouwen

    Arez - Hadath Al Jebbe

    Laqlouq - Akoura


    Bkassine - Mokhtara

    Al Shouf Cedars


    Sofar Railway

    Deir El Qamar - Beit El Dine

    Saida Ride

    Aammiq Wetlands

  • Al Chouf - Bekaa - South Ride

    2 days' road bike ride
    +Terrain: road
    +Length: 140km
    +Slope: min 2.5% - max 8%

    +Level: Hard (+/-), cat 1, 3 and 4
    +Elevation gain over 2 days: approx 2715m

    Al Chouf Ride

    2 days' road bike ride
    +Terrain: road
    +Length: 75km
    +Slope: min 2.5% - max 8%

    +Level: Medium (+) to Hard (+) / cat 1 and 3
    +Elevation gain over 2 days: approx 1900m

    Byblos - Batroun Ride

    2 days' road bike ride
    +Terrain: road
    +Length: 125km
    +Slope: min 2.5% - max 8%

    +Level: Hard (+) / cat 2 and 3
    +Elevation gain over 2 days: approx 3625m


    Maten - Kesrouane Ride

    2 days' road bike ride
    +Terrain: road
    +Length: 125km
    +Slope: min 2.5% - max 8%

    +Level: Hard (+) / cat 2 and 3
    +Elevation gain over 2 days: approx 3625m

  • West Bekaa - Aammiq Bike Station

    Located in the largest wetland reserve in Lebanon, Aammiq Bike Station brings you 20 km of easy flat off-road trails, 4km of technical off-road trails, and up to 60km road bike tracks outside the reserve where you can visit the famous Qaraoun lake and local wineries.



    *Reserve entrance ticket: 8.000 LBP

    *Bike rental/day: 20.000 LBP

    *Bike rental/hour:

    + 1st hour - 10.000 LBP

    + Extra hours - 7.000 LBP


    *Don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiry

    South of Lebanon - Bkassine Bike Station

    Located in the largest pine forest reserve in Lebanon, Bkassine Bike Station provides up to 80 km of medium to hard road bike tracks, packed with historical attractions and thrilling panoramic landscapes.

    The mountain bike trails of the forest are currently under renovation and will be open by spring 2018.



    *Bike rental/day: 20.000 LBP

    *Bike rental/hour:

    + 1st hour - 10.000 LBP

    + Extra hours - 5.000 LBP


    *Don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiry

  • The Bike Kitchen - Beirut is a bike shop that was founded by CyclingCircle in December 2016.

    The Bike Kitchen - Beirut provides sales of new and 2nd hand bikes, as well as rental and professional repair services.


    For more info, kindly click here

  • Contact Us

    & Join the community for some fun with a spin!

    The Bike Kitchen - Beirut
    Mon - Fri: 3:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    Sat: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    +961 3 12 66 75