• About us

    Who we are?

    The Circle!

    CyclingCircle is a company that specializes in developing cycling services and projects in Lebanon.


    Established in July 2012, CyclingCircle has been renowned as the largest active cycling community in Lebanon.


    We aim to spread a cycling culture among Lebanese by:

    1- Encouraging and promoting safe bicycle riding for transportation, fitness and recreation,
    2- Fostering good relationships between cyclists and motorists by focusing on awareness campaigns and workshops,
    3- Developing cyclo-tourism and eco-friendly transport services and activities,

    4- Collaborating with official and social institutions on cycling policies.

    What we do?

    A vibrant circle of positive impulses

    Our Circle is an endless wheel spin of cycling projects, and at its hub, our services are provided:


    1- Our Bike-Coffee shop - The Bike Kitchen - providing bike/accessories sales, rental and on-site repair services, as well as cycling workshops and movie screenings in our coffee space where cyclists and bike fans gather and meet.


    2- Our battle horse - Deghri Messengers - a green courier service that provides and operates deliveries by bicycle of goods and packages inside Beirut.​ DM ceased its services in May 2017 due to lack of financial and human resources.


    3- Our greatest escapes - The Bike Tours - organizing road and mountain bike outings for all ages of all levels (easy, medium and hard) on weekends and weekdays.


    Our bike rides are addressed for people who want to have fun, adventurous, touristic and fitness ride. Moreover, we provide one-on-one coaching for people who want to learn and/or improve their riding techniques.


    4- Our bike stations - providing bike rental and additional services in Lebanon's largest wetland reserve in Aammiq, and largest pine forest reserve in Bkassine


    For further info about biking tours, check-out the weekly program via our facebook event section by clicking here

  • The Bike Kitchen

    The Bike Kitchen is an engaging bicycle shop and coffeehouse featuring bikes and accessories, combined with a cozy space for hangouts and gatherings.

    For more info, kindly visit TBK website: www.tbklebanon.com/

    What are our services and activities?

    Our services:

    1- Bike Maintenance (DIY available for 3$/hour)

    2- Sales of new and 2nd hand bikes

    3- Sales of equipment and apparel

    4- Bike rental (daily/weekly/monthly & yearly rates)

    5- Bike parking for 23$/month

    6- On-demand workshops and skills' sessions
    7- Guided bike tours upon request
    8- Swapping 2nd hand bikes for new ones

    Our coffee section

    Our coffee section is a vibrant area where cyclists and bike fans can work, meet and gather around fresh bites and juices, coffee or beer.

    "Non-cyclists" are also welcomed to work from the space - open wifi, drinks, light bites, all what you need to feel at home.

  • The Bike Stations

    CycingCircle operates 2 bike stations located in South of Lebanon and West Bekaa, providing entry level rental bikes for Mountain and road bikers, as well as kids' rental bikes.


    West Bekaa - Aammiq Bike Station:

    Located in the largest wetland reserve in Lebanon, Aammiq Bike Station provides MTB trails for all riding levels, with up to 25km circular trails within the wetland reserve, as well as RD trails up to 100km.


    South of Lebanon - Bkassine Bike Station:

    Located in the largest pine forest reserve in Lebanon, Bkassine Bike Station provides MTB trails for medium to expert riders, with up to 15km single and recreational trails, as well as RD trails up to 150km.


    Make sure to reach us on info@cycling-circle.com to provide you with all the necessary info you need.

    Aammiq road trails that connect West Bekaa to the Chouf District, to our 2nd station located in Bkassine and to the South of Lebanon.


    Trails available for all riding levels.

    Aammiq Wetland mountain bike trail

    (up to 20km circular trail with easy to hard level).


    Trails available for all riding levels.

    Bkassine Road bike trails that connects Bkassine to the Chouf District, West Bekaa and South of Lebanon.


    Trails available for all riding levels.

    Bkassine Mountian Bike trails

    (12km recreational trail)


    Trails available for all riding levels.

  • RD/MTB Tours

    We organize weekly road and mountain bike tours for public and private groups, for all ages of all riding levels.

    We also provide private courses for people who would like to learn and/or enhance their riding skills.


    Our activities are organized on full service basis: transportation, bicycles/helmets, cycling marshals and insurance, as well as additional services upon request, such as F&B, touristic guides, etc.


    **Multiple bike touring days available upon request**

    **Below is a shot of our famous bike tours**

    Beirut by night

    Beirut by day

    Amchit - Chekka

    Batroun - Enfeh

    Beirut - Tripoli

    Jounie - Byblos

    Barouk - Jezzine

    Salima - Zandouqa

    Sofar - Aley

    Qob Elias - Qaraoun

    Faqra - Baskinta

    Tannourine - Douma

    El Ghine - Chouwen

    Arez - Hadath Al Jebbe

    Laqlouq - Akoura


    Bkassine - Mokhtara

    Al Shouf Cedars


    Sofar Railway

    Deir El Qamar - Beit El Dine


    Aammiq Wetlands

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